Steve Kemmerling (aka. Kemmlab)

"It's business, it's not personal." Really? Do we all stop being human when we walk into the office? To me, it's about relationships. It's about communication. When I know you and you know me, we communicate effectively. How very personal. How very human.

Kemmlab is the force you want in your corner. I am a visual problem solver. I leave no stone unturned or theory untested. I take pride in my ability to combine skill and service in a complete offering for your creative image needs. Some retouching specialists only participate in the final phase of a project, but I can help you at all phases, from ideation to pitchwork and FPOs to final files. You put your heart and soul into the ideation, design, typeface, copy, etc of any piece you are working on. Let me do the same with your imagery. In this economy, I know budgets are smaller and resources are tight, that's why I take care to keep my rate fair. I can help your work look better no matter the source material, be it amateur or professional, stock or original. But enough with the sales and marketing. I am confident you need only to examine the work to arrive at the same conclusion as many of your peers.

Pride in the work I produce has been the primary, driving force—the touchstone—with every creative endeavor in which I have been involved. Having been a commercial photographer for over 15 years (I owned my own studio for 10 years), I know my way around an image. 10+ years of post-production work has only added to the formula. I have been passionate about imagery as far back as I can remember. As such, my work in photography, and now retouching, could be referred to as more of a calling than a career choice.

So give me a call, drop me an email, whatever, and let's get a relationship started.